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Custom Reserves aims to be a reserve study leader in the industry with a high level of customer service and comprehensive reports for our Clients.

Local Experience

We know the local conditions that affect future costs and the timing of your replacement projects.

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We use actual project costs, and local labor and materials costs rather than standardized information.

Project Prioritization

Our in-depth knowledge of construction, systems, materials and local conditions are the foundation to identifying and prioritizing your near-term replacement projects.

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Accuracy, understanding and ease-of-use means you’ll be using our reserve study for years to come.


We are available to you during and after your reserve study is complete to ensure complete satisfaction and ease-of-using your study.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we usually get about Reserve Studies.

What is a Reserve Study?
A Reserve Study is an independent long term analysis of common property. The analysis documents a condition assessment of the component inventory and estimates the cost of repair or replacements. It also provides a stable and equitable Funding Plan to offset the anticipated future major common area expenditures as they wear out over their predicted useful life.
How is a reserve study calculated?
A collaboration between the client’s resources and Reserve Analyst that brings together the client’s unique first-hand knowledge with the Analyst’s professional expertise
Why do we need a reserve study?
Here are just a few reasons to have a reserve study done:
  • Helps the board fulfill its fiduciary responsibility
  • Fulfill statutory requirements
  • Guarantee the reserves are based on up to date information
  • Buyers finding lack of reserves back out of real estate purchases
  • Lenders finding lack of reserves may not lend money
  • Satisfy the community’s governing documents
  • The costs of maintaining the property will be fairly shared by all owners
  • The reserve study provides a predictable replacement schedule
  • A healthy reserve fund protects your investment
  • Increases marketability
  • Adequate reserves help avoid special assessments which are both unfair and difficult to collect
  • The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)) requires the community association to disclose its reserve funds in its financial statements

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Cynthia Paul (Montsinger) Morales, LCAM, CMCA, AMS

“I have worked with Paul many times in my field of community association management. Specifically, I have called upon him for preparation of reserve studies to help me to determine the value of the assets for each of my communities. Also included in the reserve study is the estimated useful life, estimated replacement cost and current condition of these assets. With this information I am able to determine what to budget for future capital improvements for my customers. Paul’s expertise can’t be beat!

Cynthia Paul (Montsinger) Morales, LCAM, CMCA, AMS
Bernie Mapili Jr.

“As a CPA, I suggest having a professional reserve study to all my Association clients. Custom Reserves offers funding plans tailored to any community. Working with Paul in Brevard county has been a pleasure and I am sure he can meet your reserve study needs.”

Bernie Mapili Jr.
Louis Biron

“Custom Reserves offers knowledgeable and responsive services to its clientele and its staff has a clear understanding of Community Association needs for reserve studies and insurance replacement cost valuations. I highly recommend Custom Reserves for their expertise and sound counsel.”

Louis Biron
Rebecca Macone

“I have worked with Paul to provide Reserve studies to multiple Associations. His product is excellent, including easy to understand spreadsheets for the Board. Paul’s willingness to attend multiple Board meetings and his ability to expertly answer questions make him stand out in the industry. I highly recommend Custom Reserves and Paul Grifoni.”

Rebecca Macone

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