Update with Site Visit

Save Your Community Money with an Update from Custom Reserves

Level II, Update, With Site Visit/On-Site Review

A reserve study update in which the following five tasks are performed, based on both the reserve study provider’s on-site evaluation and on information provided by the client and other subject matter experts, as applicable:

  • Component inventory
    • This does not require quantities to be re-established, but it does require a review for a general conformance of the quantities in the study being updated to match the as-built conditions observed as part of the site visit.
    • Components are to be added that were not previously included within the study being updated and which now are anticipated to occur within 30 years.
    • Long-life components are to be recognized as described within the definition of long-life components provided within this document.
  • Condition assessment
  • Life and valuation estimates
  • Fund status
  • Funding plan

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